Program Information Active

Program Information Active

Program Information Active

Program information Active


The Active group builds on the fun in swimming and the skills acquired during the Learn2Train phase or Swimming Academy. The main objective in this phase is the pleasure of exercising with others and maintaining good condition.
The Active program will consist of:

  • swimming training that works on aerobic endurance and various skills
  • Swim2Play activities

We are mainly aiming for general and balanced physical development.

A small adjustment in this group is that the focus is mainly on continuing to swim and of course at a good level.

This group can participate in a number of fun competitions and tournaments.

Primary objectives depend on the group and may include:

  • Improve / perfect swimming strokes, flips, start and finish
  • Improve Stamina
  • Improve swimming speed
  • Improve Competition Skills
  • Improve team skills
  • Enjoy and have fun swimming



De trainingen zullen worden gehouden op de volgende momenten, waarvan er maximaal 2 zwemtrainingen mogen worden gekozen.
De indeling van de tijdstippen (tijden met *) gebeurt op basis van niveau en leeftijd. Deze wordt bepaald door de programma manager.
DagTijd Locatie Bad
Maandag17.15 – 18.15HofbadWedstrijdbad *
18.15 – 19.15HofbadWedstrijdbad *
Woensdag17.00 – 18.15HofbadWedstrijdbad
Vrijdag17.15 – 18.15HofbadWedstrijdbad *
18.15 – 19.15HofbadWedstrijdbad *
Maandag17.00 – 18.00BlinkerdWedstrijdbad
Dinsdag18.30 – 19.30WaterthorWedstrijdbad
Woensdag18.00 – 19.00BlinkerdWedstrijdbad
De trainingen zullen worden gegeven op de volgende momenten, waaruit Train2Train Active zwemmers er maximaal 2 zwemtrainingen mogen kiezen.
Zwemtrainingen (Noord)
Maandag17:30 – 19:00Van Maanenbad
Woensdag17:45 – 19:15Van Maanenbad
Vrijdag17:30 – 19:00Van Maanenbad
Zwemtrainingen (Zuid)
Dinsdag17.15 – 18.30Zwemcentrum Rotterdam
Woensdag17.15 – 18.30Zwemcentrum Rotterdam
Donderdag17.15 – 18.30Zwemcentrum Rotterdam


Since this group trains less, the monthly contribution for this group is set at € 67.50 per month for the upcoming season.

Extra services

In the train2train active group there are several activities to participate in.

  • For example, social activities are organized several times a year.
  • A physiotherapist can be used, if necessary on site. (costs through health insurance)
  • A Dietician, 1 intake + 1 follow-up treatment can be used. (costs through health insurance)


There is also the possibility to join camps.

First of all, there is the kick-off camp which is held every year at the beginning of the season. Here, all different age groups go away together for a weekend to get to know each other better and, above all, have a lot of fun.


TypeCostsLocationDateNo obligationsCompulsory
Kick Off kamp± € 145Zeist4-9 t/m 6-9 2020x



Next season Esmeralda Schravendijk will be the program manager of Active. For questions you can always contact us via: esmeralda.schravendijk@blue-marlins.nl